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Web Hosting
Our Server, Our Rules
But also our speed and ease of use.

Hosting through a big company? Why bother?

With a big conglomerate like GoDaddy, your hosting is often shared with other users. How many users? We don't know. Why share server space with an untold amount of other customers, when you can share our server with us and our clients? Less server share means more speed for everyone!

We rent a custom cloud server from Rackspace and built our framework from a blank slate, with only the essentials loaded in. Our goal: speed. The faster our sites perform, the quicker our visitors find the information they came to find.

Which in the end, isn't that what you want? You want people to have a good experience on your site. You don't want them to struggle to find the answers they were looking for. You don't want them to see your url in Google Search and bypass it because they had a bad expereience the last time. The ultimate killer to SEO is a bad customer experience.

99.999999% Uptime

But seriously, you'll never have to call into a huge company and wait on hold just to talk to someone over-seas who you can hardly understand. If you ever have an issue with your website being up you can always give us a call or send us a quick text message and we'll get to work on it. If one of our sites is down, they all are down. This hardly ever happens, but we're very diligent should issues ever arise.