April 3, 2020
Issues we've come across, and how we fixed them.
[CentOS] How To Check Current Version Of Apache

Our efforts of trying to get HTTP/2 set up continue. We need to figure out what version of Apache we have, so here's the terminal code we found for that.

# httpd -v

After inputting that, we find that our current version is 2.4.6. The Apache website says that the most current version is 2.4.43, which seems outdated compared to what we have based on the version number. That's interesting, we should be able to use HTTP/2 with our current version of Apache, shouldn't we?

Update: It seems we have CentOS 7 installed on this current system. The best version of Apache for CentOS7 is 2.4.6, which doesn't support HTTP/2 out of the box. The newest version is in fact 2.4.43, and that requires CentOS 8.

New Goal: Create a new server with CentOS 8, with newly installed everything, port everything over from the old server and go from there. We should do this once per year. It seems if we let too much time pass, we're stuck in the past and everything we're using is outdated. We really want to always have up to date technology with our server.

Better late than never!

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